On Sundays and public holidays, the collection and delivery of vehicles takes place only by appointment.

Cilento Rent – Car Rental, the right vehicle for your trip

Cilento Rent offers you a wide range of vehicles: you can choose between small city cars, station wagons for long and comfortable journeys, family minivans and convertible cars, and exclusive cars and even 4×4.

We rent well equipped vans: they are modern, modern and with comfortable travel accessories suitable for the whole family and friends, for business, long travels, or a move.

Our mid-sized scooters are the right choice for those who love to travel, but also for those who use the scooter in the city and only wants the best comfort.

Our scooters are powerful, comfortable and well equipped and suitable even for the long commute on the motorway without straining rider and passenger. In the city, despite their large size they are practical and useful in all occasions.

We also have city bikes equipped with racks or front or rear baskets. Sometimes even seats for small children. They are equipped with a kickstand for parking, and an anti theft chain.

They are equipped with a bell capable of being heard at a sufficient distance, to provide a clear warning of your presence and front, rear or side spoke/wheel reflectors, with headlight and tail light.

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