I acknowledge and approve all the conditions described by CILENTORENT in the person of Francesco Trimarco also as governed by the current civil code, undertaking to fully respect its content and that the conditions expressed herein can only be modified with an agreement signed between the parties.

OBJECT OF THE AGREEMENT: The sole proprietorship CILENTORent (RENTER) leases/leases the vehicle indicated in this contract to the customer (lessee/lessee)

1 EQUIPMENT: the vehicle is delivered with a sealed odometer, normal tools, a spare wheel or wheel repair kit, with a full tank of fuel and must be returned with all tools and a full tank of fuel

2 BOOKING: The collection and return of the vehicle is provided at our offices unless otherwise agreed, the following data are essential for booking:

Name, Surname, driving license data with true addresses and telephone numbers, credit card of the person making the reservation.

In case of cancellation by the customer of the booked vehicle communicated with less than 15 days notice from the start of the rental, he will still have to pay a sum corresponding to 30% of the rental/rental rate for the days booked, if the cancellation should take place within 72 hours prior to the scheduled pick-up of the vehicle the full amount will be charged (100% of the rental)

3 THE LESSEE/RENTER: declares to be aware of the fact that in the event of false declarations he will be subject to criminal prosecution for what he declared and to have provided the lessee with real and useful data for his personal identification and that the documents provided are original and valid .

4 DELIVERY AND RETURN OF VEHICLE: The lease/rental begins on the day and time of delivery of the vehicle to the lessee/rental customer and ends on the day and time of return of the vehicle to the renter. Vehicle collection times from 09:00 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 19:30 (unless otherwise agreed).

5 HOURS EXTENSION: The customer who has booked the rental/vehicle rental services in the event of a delay with respect to the time indicated in the booking must contact our agency by telephone on 0039 0974826301 Agropoli Uff  on 0039 08281999871 Uff. of Paestum, at the number 0039 0974275604 Uff. Castellabate or on cell 00393357866403 confirming your late arrival and you will be expected for a maximum of 60 minutes, after this wait you may not find the car or wait some time for the car to be picked up. The rental day is considered for a maximum of 24 hours and the starting time will be that of the reservation and not that of actual collection. If the customer wishes to change the collection and/or return terms (place, date, time, etc.) he must obtain the prior written and signed consent of the lessor by making a formal request within 36 hours prior to collection and 12 hours prior to the expected return of the vehicle . At the end of the lease/rental there is a tolerance of up to 60 minutes beyond which an extra day will be charged.

6 STATE OF THE VEHICLE: the vehicle is in perfect functional and maintenance condition, fully functional in all its parts, with a full fuel tank and with all the documents required by law for road traffic and with RCA insurance policy currently valid and a copy of this signed contract, and the lessee/lessee is required to conserve and guard the vehicle and the aforementioned documentation entrusted to him with all diligence and correctness. The customer undertakes to return the vehicle in the same condition in which he received it. Furthermore, the customer (lessee/lessee) declares that the vehicle viewed before delivery does not show any scratches, damage or dents on the bodywork and internal parts of the vehicle other than those possibly indicated with a specific written note in the same contract.

7 USE OF THE VEHICLE: the lessee/lessee declares that the vehicle delivered is suitable for the agreed use. The vehicle cannot be driven:

  • Under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other legitimate or illegitimate substance that modifies the driverÔÇÖs ability to react.
  • By a person without a driving license or with expired validity.
  • Off the road or on unsuitable roads.
  • For the illegal transport of goods (contraband, drugs, etc.).
  • To participate in sports competitions, races or other events.
  • Traveling abroad unless previously authorized in writing and signed by the charterer
  • To tow vehicles or trolleys unless previously authorized in writing and signed by the renter.

8 CIRCULATION AND METHOD OF USE OF THE VEHICLE: the circulation of the leased/rented vehicle is authorized in Italy for the purposes of driver safety and correct maintenance of the vehicle in the event of exceeding the maximum mileage parameters envisaged, it concerns the excess mileage , (see point 10) we reserve the right to take action even for the greater damage. The customer is personally responsible for the infringements committed to the rules of the road and for the non-payment of the motorway toll and will be required to reimburse the entire amount of the related penalties and expenses plus a charge of 20 euros for the administrative management of the files.

9 CONSIDERATION FOR THE LEASE/RENTAL: the payment of the consideration for the lease/rental will take place as follows: (30% upon booking, 70% upon delivery of the vehicle) form of payment (cash, bank transfer, credit cards, debit card) in the event of non-payment within the agreed terms and conditions, the contract will be void and the charterer will be able to withhold the amount previously paid to him.

10 KM GRANTED: for all vehicles, 150 km are included in the daily price, beyond these km the lessee/lessee will have to pay 0.10 euro cents for each km in excess.

11 OWNERSHIP OF THE LEASED/RENTALED PROPERTY: the ownership of the vehicle and any accessories always and in any case remains with the lessee and the lessee/lessee acknowledges that he will never be able to claim any ownership rights in any way. It is forbidden for the lessee/lessee to sub-lease, mortgage, pledge or guarantee the vehicle in any form whatsoever. If third parties exercise legal actions, seizures or executive acts of any kind, the lessee/lessor is obliged to immediately present and demonstrate with every document in his possession that the vehicle is the subject of the rental agreement and is obliged to communicate as soon as possible what happened to the renter. The lessee/lessee undertakes to keep a copy of this contract in the vehicle and to show it to the competent authorities. If the vehicle were to be stopped or seized, the lessee/leaser must reimburse the lessee for the amount of damage suffered in addition to the amount relating to each day of rental, except for compensation for greater damage.

12 REPAIRS: in the event of a breakdown, malfunction or defect, the lessee/leaser is required not to use the vehicle, in order to avoid possible aggravations or damage to third parties, the lessee/leaser is required to immediately notify the lessee of the fact. In the event that an urgent need arises, the lessee/leaser will be able to do so only and exclusively with prior written authorization signed by the lessor, the customer undertakes not to make any changes to the rented/leased vehicle.

13 INSURANCE COVERAGE: motor vehicles are covered by the following insurance coverage: Motor civil liability. THE INSURANCE DOES NOT COVER: loss or damage to the transported goods, damage to the driver. The vehicles are covered by a kasco policy for damage to the vehicle with a maximum deductible of 1500.00 euros (one thousand five hundred euros) and a theft policy with a penalty of 10% on the value of the vehicle at the time of the theft.

14 FUEL: the vehicle is delivered with a full tank of fuel and MUST BE returned with a full tank of fuel (the costs for topping up the fuel are the responsibility of the lessee/lessee)

15 LIABILITY:┬áthe customer will be responsible for any damage suffered to the vehicle during the lease/rental, in the event of failure to return the car keys due to loss, the lessee/lessee will be obliged to pay compensation equal to ÔéČ250.00 + VAT

16 FINES AND BREACHES:┬áfines and fines for traffic violations, road tolls and violations of vehicle parking rules committed during the lease/rental period are the responsibility of the lessee/leaser. The renter will pay of the fine within 60 days of notification and will charge the full amount to the renterÔÇÖs credit card.┬áThe fines will not be processed within 5 days of notification, but within 60.

17 IN THE EVENT OF AN ACCIDENT: the lessee/lessee is required to provide names and addresses of the parties involved in the accident and witnesses, not admit any responsibility or fault, not leave the vehicle unattended without having taken steps to ensure adequate protection, IMMEDIATELY give notify the renter by telephone even in the event of minor damage and following up with a detailed report accompanied by a sketch and possibly photos of the incident under penalty of forfeiture of any insurance, IMMEDIATELY inform the police authorities.

18 TERMINATION OF THE CONTRACT: this contract may be terminated in advance, pursuant to Article 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. by the renter, in the event of inappropriate use of the vehicle pursuant to this contract, as well as in the event of insolvency, bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings against the customer. The customer, in turn, may terminate the contract in advance in the event that the means and equipment indicated in this contract are not suitable.

19 REFERENCE REGULATION: everything not specified in this contract will be governed by the Italian legislation in force on the subject at the time of signing of the same. The parties undertake to mutually comply with existing regulations.

20 TREATMENT OF PERSONAL DATA:┬áthe personal data communicated to the renter will be treated according to the provisions of the privacy law art 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, they will not be disclosed to third parties and correction, updating or cancellation may be requested by sending written communication to the renterÔÇÖs domicile. The data communicated to the renter will be used for the conclusion or execution of rental contracts and any connected contracts, for the management of the payment/s and for accounting/administrative purposes and in any case functional to the establishment and performance of this contractual relationship. These data may also be used to forward any communications subsequent to the termination of the contract or for judicial or extrajudicial purposes.