Car Rental Agropoli Rent is so named because it is located in Agropoli , heart and natural gateway to the National Park of the Cilento coast.

Agropoli heart of a land called the “Garden of Europe” is the flagship of tourism in Campania, the cradle of nature and culture, a perfect place to spend a pleasant and memorable holiday and a starting point for visiting the most attractive places in the region.

A great cultural attraction of Agropoli is the Angevin-Aragonese Castle which rises majestically in a strategic position on the promontory of the city.

Very charming is the walk to the old town which has preserved its original structure with winding streets to breathtaking views of the sea.

From the city center, through the seventeenth century monumental gate that has become the symbol of Agropoli, until descending the famous “SCALONI” to admire the Palazzo Civico delle Arti.

Its charming paths are suitable for all types of outdoor activities from trekking, hiking, mountain biking (we rent them!!), Horse riding.

We arrive at the crystal clear waters of the Bay of Trentova a beach that every year, and for many years, has been awarded with the “Blue Flag” an eco-label promoting water quality, environmental protection and efficient services to tourism.

Do not miss a walk to the marina to admire a picturesque landscape that spreads out from the promontory of the ancient village.

Just 5 km away is the archaeological area of Paestum contained by monumental stone walls with pentagonal perimeter interspersed here and there with 24 towers, dominated by the 3 temples and rich of other important historical and artistic treasures. The “Temple of Hera” was dedicated to Hera, wife of Zeus and primary deity of Poseidon and it is the oldest of the 3 temples, having been built around 550 BC The”Temple of Ceres” was built towards the end of the sixth century. BC And the “Templio Italico” designed around 273 BC

Do not ask where Cilento National Park begins and where it ends because all the Cilento (or almost) is within the boundaries of the protected area, so that we can conclude that the National Park is not in Cilento: it is CILENTO!

Welcome to the South, welcome to Agropoli

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